Welcome to our beautiful shop in Gränna!

On the main street in Gränna you’ll find our charmingly vintage store – a place not only for nostalgia, but for candies as well. Candy sticks, candy canes, lollipops, toffees, hard candies, and a hundred different flavours.

In the middle of the shop is a window, where you can watch the bakers and see how polkagrisar are made, and if you’re lucky, you can try som freshly made, warm polkagris dough.

You will also find a unique collection of photographs and texts that’ll tell you the story of sugar, from the early 1700s till today.

How about a free guided tour? We offer free tours for groups of at least 10 persons, in English, Swedish or German. If you’re interested, you’re welcome to book one at: info@grenna-polkagris.se

We’re open almost every day of the year!

Opening hours:

January – March: Monday – Friday 9-17, Saturday – Sunday 10-17

April: Monday – Friday 9-17,  Saturday – Sunday 10-18.

Easter: Good Friday: 9-17  Easter eve: 10-14  Easter day: 10-16  Easter night: 10-16

May – June: Monday – Friday 9-18, Saturday – Sunday 10-18.

June – July: Monday – Friday 8-21, weekends 9-20.

August: Monday – Friday 9-18, Saturday – Sunday 10-18

September: Monday – Friday 9-17, Saturday – Sunday 10-18

October – March: Monday – Friday 9-17, Saturday – Sunday 10-17

Christmas: Christmas eve: closed. Christmas day: 10-14. New Year’s eve: 10-14. New Year’s day: Closed



If you can’t come to Gränna, take a look at our webbshop and the polkagrisar can come to you!