Our event

Come to us and we´ll guide you through the making of the famous Polkagris and also the story behind. Or do you wanna take it a bit further and try the craft yourself? Our events fits both small and lagre groups. Read more and make an inquiry below.

Make your own candy

Do you want to do something fun and very different? Join us for an hour and try out our candy craft.
We host groups of max 6 persons at the time. The event takes about 45 minutes. Make sure to be at ours 15 minutes before set time.
We do as follows:
Be at ours 15 minutes before set time. You get some equipment and a short introduction to the timeline of the event.
You´re welcome inside the bakery and we´ll teach you about the history and the making of the famous candy Polkagris. And then you get your own dough. Everything you make you get to take home with you.

Make sure to have time to wonder around our candy store before or after the event.

When is the event available?

We make bookings on inquiries all year around.

During summer (week 26-34) booking is only available thursdays at 19:00 and sundays at 11:00. Other than this, the event is booked whenever – always on request.


2 450 SEK/dough
1-6 people/dough
If more than 6 – request more than one dough.

Send your inquiry here!

Daily storytelling

Summertime we offer free guidings four times a day, no booking needed – just show up at the store!
We give you the full story behind our history and the handicraft we love. You get to watch our skilled bakermen turn the sugar into red and white striped delicious rock candy.
The tour will take about 20 minutes.

Schedule free guidings week 26-31

If visiting us other the summertime we offer guided tours for groups of more than 15 people on request.


How do I make an inquiry?

Send a request for any of our events through this link.